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Florence Marathon 30th November

Nice few days in Florence : Take in a great Marathon and city full of art, yet not full of tourists for a change. And then there’s the excellent food.

Recommendations are Del Fagioli and Zeb

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Remembrance Sunday

Up early to get to the Tower of London and see the Poppy Field before the crowds : I caught the first tube of the day but still failed to beat the crowds…. Back home for breakfast and then a long slow run through some of the London Parks on this beautiful sunny Remembrance Sunday.



Dublin Marathon

This was unusually warm and unfortunately humid & windy day for a Marathon and I found this a tough run. Nevertheless it was part of a good weekend away including a visit to Dara O’Briain on stage at Vicar Street plus some excellent food at Fallon & Byrne and the Rustic Stone. And a vote for the best Hotel Bar goes to the Library Bar in the Central Hotel Dublin.

And you can do a variant on “Where’s Wally” in the video : I do appear 4 times ….

The Hackney Half

Sarah and I post race photo

Sarah and I post race photo

It was hot hot hot … way too hot. Thats the excuse for my slow time that didn’t stop Sarah – 2h09m.


Club 5k Championship

Pleasant evening for a 5k race : Time only 10 seconds or so slower than my PB.

Nice warm-up for Sundays Hackney Half Marathon, which promises to be hot – too hot for my liking.


Regents Park 10k

Back to Regents Park on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning – a bit too warm for comfortable running but we can live with that. Time of 48min 14secs was disappointing being > 2 minutes slower than my PB and actually a slower pace than the Brighton Half Marathon that I ran earlier in the year.  This coming after the previous weekend’s Edinburgh Marathon time of 3 hours 45 minutes : Need to get back down to some serious training !


Welcome to “Bonnie” Scotland……

To Edinburgh for the Marathon : Weather better for runners than spectators perhaps ? 20 mph wind from the east however is not what we want when most fo the first 17 miles is due east ….


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