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Please sponsor me to run the London Marathon this year by going to all in aid of the MS Trust.

And the time was …

Just a quick note to confirm that I finished, running all the way without stopping, in a time of 3 hours 44 minutes and 36 seconds.


Thanks to everyone who has sponsored and a ‘please’ to anyone thinking of doing so.


MS Trust


Finished …. the medal to prove it


LVM Runner Number

Brighton Marathon

Well I managed to finish but the last 5 miles were not easy and with a worryingly nagging calf pain. Lets see if this clears itself in time for next Sunday’s London Virgin Marathon : That I shall have to decide upon on Wednesday or Thursday.


Oh Dear ….

Unfortunately last Sunday, partway through a planned one hour marathon pace ‘easy’ run, I felt a sharp & sudden calf muscle pain and couldn’t continue running. Indeed it wasn’t easy to walk back home : That evening I booked a physio session. The pain gradually eased in the following days and I was relieved when on Wednesday evening, the Physio advised that there didn’t appear to be any muscle tear.

A week later I am able to walk without any pain or discomfort but I am not yet running : I have a schedule of  sessions from the Physio Рnext one is 20 mins long Р4 mins walk, 4 mins jog, 4 mins walk, 4 mins jog, 4 mins walk. Thats not exactly back to running.

All this 2 weeks before the Brighton Marathon, itself a week before the London Marathon….. The jury is therefore out on my involvement in these 2 races.


Reading Half Marathon

Well …. Not one to recommend.
The race itself was dull with nothing much to look at and the 45 minute wait in bitter cold winds to retreive bags after the race was simply unacceptable. Not a race to recommend.
The race had more ups and downs than expected and I really could have done without the strong wind which was distinctly challenging at time. Despite that my second best time 1h 37m 35s.


Brighton Half Marathon

You rarely get days as good as this to run Half Marathons : Great race and a PB of 1h 36m too.


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