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First Long Run in ages – found myself here

But couldn’t get in !! In fact the photos were as close as I could get, showing how tight security was.

And it was a tiring and tricky run along the Regents Canal Towpath from Camden Lock – too many people, manic cyclists, slow cyclist as well idiots like me trying to run. It was my first run out this far east on this route – nice route shame about the other people on it !


April is over

and ended with the ‘ackney ‘arf, which our daughter Sarah also ran. It was supposed to be a cool cloudy day but was actually quite warm, mostly sunny and quite windy especially towards the end, & after on the walk to Sodo Pizza Cafe in Lower Clapton Road, where we had an excellent post-race lunch (and beer !).

I found the course hard work with lots of ups & downs, nothing serious, but sapping for me, following as it did immediately after doing 3 full marathons in April. All was good until just after half way when I lost touch with the 1h 40m pacers but managed to keep ticking over to finish in around 1h 44m, disappointing but an age grading of 71.6% isn’t too shabby.

Shame that the Olympic Park still looks bare & undeveloped although better than when I previously ran the ‘arf in 2014 when it was horribly hot !

Nothing more until the end of May with the London Vitality 10000 and possibly the Edinburgh Marathon.

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London Marathon – ‘Tick’

Well – Just.

It was a surprisingly difficult race : It wasn’t roastingly hot but certainly not at all comfortable. A positive split sounds good but coaches will say otherwise ! Time was OK – within the London (current) Good for Age time – at 3h 43m.

And so so good to be doing it for the MS Trust.

MS Trust


London … Get Ready !!

No Marathon this weekend ..!!

But just a gentle run over the Heath on lovely but chilly spring morning.

And its been confirmed that last weekend’s Brighton Marathon was 21 degrees !

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Brighton Marathon – Phew what a Scorcher !!

Apologies for pinching The Sun’s headline ….

Never could this be called ideal marathon running conditions : Although only 15-16 degrees the sun was full-on and St Johns were fully stretched with quite a number of runners in trouble needing their help. Unfortunately stomach cramps enforced a couple of pit stops adding something like 6-7 minutes to my time of 3h 51m which would otherwise have been around 3h 45m, my target for the day.

Manchester Marathon … ‘Tick’

So a lovely sunny day and not too warm for this run & distinctly chilly at the start; a new one for me. Sadly the course which was fairly flat, didn’t go through the heart of Manchester to show off its history as part of the engine room of Victorian commercial might. Nevertheless its a race┬áthat I might do again.

Given the lack of long runs in recent months, I had set a target time of 3h 45m which I was able to better with around 3h 40m, and as a result achieved a position of 8th in my category. Happy with that and on to Brighton next weekend …. train strike permitting.

The Race

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Brighton nearly a Half Marathon

Yet again The Sussex Beacon, the Brighton Half Marathon organisers, fail to get the course distance right. Too long in 2012 by ~400m and too short by 146m for the last 3 years.

The story even made news headlines on BBC Broadcasts.


Lovely Day for my last longish slow run before Manchester Marathon

Beautiful day to be running through London as the flora & fauna begins to wake up into spring. Here’s a view from Regents Canal.


Longish Run

MS Trust

2 Half Marathons … Done

A very persistent and resilient cough following a January cold substantially inhibited running for most of Jan & Feb.. So it was good to take part in 2 Half Marathons recently.

Brighton Half was a windy affair having to cope with the remains of Storm Doris.

Before the start of the Brighton Half Marathon, just after Storm Doris had passed through


Bath was more straightforward although it took forever to get into the start area as for some reason, there was only one modestly sized entrance through which everyone had to pass. It was good to meet up with a few of the other MS Trust Runners before hand.

Neither times were particularly good as might have been expected given the lack of running prior to the races. But hopefully they will stand me in good stead for the 3 upcoming Marathons in April (Manchester, Brighton and London). I have also decided that I will run the London Marathon to fund raise for the MS Trust as I have done in previous years. Click here or on the MS Trust Logo to be directed to my Fundraising page.


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