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Running Update

Recovery from the cracked ribs continues and while they’re most definitely not healed I am able now to run. Indeed I managed to run the Brighton Marathon last weekend: My time of 3h45m was OK but frustratingly less than a minute outside the current London Marathon qualifying time. I shouldn’t complain as I have only had 5 training runs & 2 races since the end of January so I am somewhat short of ‘match fitness’.
It was a beautiful day and favourable running conditions – there’s even a hint of a tan!!


So on to London on the 26th April for which I now need to do some serious fund raising for the MS Trust. So if you are reading this please click on the link below to donate.


MS Trust

Reading Half Marathon – Disaster Strikes ….

Beware unexpected traffic cones on the racing line …. I was momentarily distracted and came a cropper, tripping up over one traffic cone and landing on another. Fractured ribs and a lot of pain was the result : But what were the cones doing on the racing line one might ask ?

I did complete the race in 1h 45mins but its the last race for a while and I doubt that I will be able to run the London Marathon this year. That is a real blow,

Traffic Cone

Bath Half Marathon Video

And here’s a Video : See if you can see me – a kind of ‘Wheres Wally’. I couldn’t really see myself at the Start even though I know that I crossed the start line about 5 seconds after the gun.

MS Trust

Bath Half Marathon

Great to be able to run at last – first time since Feb 12th and that includes having to miss the Brighton Half Marathon. I was just looking to get round OK and not achieve a specials time so it was pleasing to get under 1h 40m.

The 11am start allowed for a relatively unchallenging 8am train from Paddington too which was nice : The weather – well it could have been a little less blustery.

It was also curious to find that the start was barely 20 yards away from where I went to school at the age 7 !

Don’t forget to sponsor me to run the London Marathon – click on the MS Trust Logo below.


MS Trust

Brighton Half Marathon ….

Unfortunately I had to miss this one due to the onset of a cold : Pathetic excuse but running a half was the last thing I wanted to do.


MS Trust

Only Connect ??

No .. No Connection (that I know of).

Only connect

On with the kms and off with the kgs !!

Since first part of December I have upped the distance work to ~ 70km/week by doing 2 long runs at the weekend : I started reducing this last weekend as I am now only 2 weeks away from the first half marathon of 2015 in Brighton. This is more than I have done in previous years and I am hoping that this will help me to improve my Marathon times. We shall see …

Example runs :
30km Long Slow Run.

Half Marathon as a long slow run.

And apologies for the long silence since Florence


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