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Chester Marathon … Special Team !!

New Kit ….

Apologies for the Radio Silence ….

So I’ve run most of the Club Championship races now with just the Half Marathon @ Maidenhead to go. And I enjoyed the Summer League races which I ran for the first time this year – definitely one series to run next year.

The last few weeks have been a bit cooler and so I have at last been able to do the longer runs that I need for the 3 autumn marathons that I have to run.  The 2nd of the 3 marathons is Chester where I find myself invited to be part of the England Masters Marathon Team for which I have new kit to wear !

And also Summer League results …

2 Updates ….

On Saturday I dipped my toes into the murky waters of Ultra-Marathons by trying to run/running the Kent 50 mile Challenge. It was way to hot for this sort of race but nevertheless I went in for it if only to experience the practicalities of such a race.

The course was 8 laps of 6.25 miles and much to my surprise almost every runner stopped at the end of each lap for 5 minutes or more : Even the guy who went on to win in ~ 7 hours. And it was common practice to walk up the hilly bits. However in the strong sunshine of 20+ degrees this was never a race for me and along with many runners I pulled out at the end of the 5th lap. Hydration was a major factor – otherwise no problems and even the day after I am in good shape and in far better shape than after a fast half.

I will look out for another Ultra but at a cooler time of the year.

And the second thing is that England Athletics announced the England Masters Team to compete in the Chester Marathon against a Celtic Nations Team. And guess what ? I have been selected for that – I believe that I get an England Team Vest ! Now thats pressure ….


Busy Weekend

Park Run on Saturday : Hampstead Heath B route and a PB for this I think.

Sunday was the British Masters 1 Mile as part of the Westminster Mile event : Here there was a question of my time. The text from the Race Organisers which also matched my Garmin said 6m 16s but the web site reported 6m 23s. I queried this with the organisers and it seems that the website time has now been amended to match actual time. I suspect that the original timings might have been Gun to Chip rather than Chip to Chip.

Monday was the Vitality London 10000 which went OK @ 45m 09s – would have been just inside 45m had I not had to stop to retie my laces. Negative splits keep coaches happy too …

6th place in age group in both races.

Richmond Park Run with Serpies

Hot run in Richmond with an extended pause to visit the stunning Isabella Plantation as the photos show…..

London Marathon


Thats the only word that begins to describe the effects of the heat : The route through the streets & buildings of London ensures that if it has been hot in the days before then this retained heat gets thrown back at you as you run. I reckon I used about 5 litres of water during the Marathon only a third of which I drank with the rest being poured over me – mostly on my head.

My time of 3h 58m was slow but OK under the circumstances : Others have reported that average times were 20-30 minutes slower than previous London Marathons, which is consistent with my time.

I came 30th in my category which was marginally better than 2017.

I like to think that I was sensible in my run and its very sad that Matt Campbell died doing what he enjoyed & in support of his charity. On Saturday along with a few others in the Serpentine RC, I ran the last part of the London Marathon from the point where Matt stopped to finish the Marathon in his memory. #finishformatt. By chance I realised that my run to Queens Park Farmers Market the netx day was also 3.7 miles so another #finishformatt.

Lastly a big thanks to Brinkworth Dairy for putting an MS Trust collecting box on their stall at the markets they attend. A big help in getting more than my target of £1000 for the MS Trust.


Manchester Marathon Update

Well … its done.

Disappointing time I’m afraid given that the conditions were as favourable as one could wish for. To be ~14 minutes slower that at Florence less than 4 months earlier is not good : To some extent it must be down to limited long runs Jan thru’ March but perhaps I was also not quite mentally switched on.

I could console myself with 9th place in my category and that the time was still comfortably inside qualifying times for most if not all of the Abbott Major Marathons.

So too London – not much I can do for that now.

Some fund raising for the MS Trust.

MS Trust

Oh …

So much for using the Finchley 20 Mile Race as a “warm up” : It was never going to be ‘warm’ but this is the email received lunchtime today. TBH it was never going to be pleasant racing but as I do need to put in some mileage in advance of my two April marathons, I will run somewhere tomorrow.

MS Trust

It is with deep disappointment that the Finchley 20 and Hillingdon 10 is cancelled after receiving advice from UK Athletics.

Read more…

Vitality BigHalf #BigHalf

Miraculously this Half Marathon took place : Astonishing given that London was snow covered & frozen barely 48 hours previously.

I haven’t been doing that much proper training since the Florence Marathon last November, so was pleased with my time but disappointed to get in under 1h 40m. Nevertheless I will take 2nd in my age group according to the provisional results.


Florence Marathon 2017 – Results update …

Thats a surprise !! 5th in my Category !