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Florence Marathon 2016

As in previous years, the running conditions were as good as you could wish for. Cool yet reasonably sunny with little wind and no rain. Content with my time of 3 hours 39 minutes – not as a fast as last year but OK given the reduced training : Fairly even splits too.

Florence 2016

Its back … !!

House move and other stuff is the excuse.

So the last races were the Edinburgh Marathon – a day that was too warm for my liking so happy with 3h 45m – and then the next day the London Vitality 10k with a time of just over 46m. Apparently you are not supposed to race such distances on consecutive days.

Since then (end of May) I have done every little running and only tried to start training properly this last month. To be honest I’ve suffered with that feeling a lack of speed and endurance : Running 10 miles at a slow pace has been terribly difficult.  I was due to run the Victoria Park 10k which was also the Club & Middlesex County Championship but thanks to the Overground not starting at the published time I was unable to get to the Race.

I was worried about running the Great North Run (Half Marathon) last weekend but had a good training session on the Thursday prior. The day of the race was warm & sunny – not my preferred conditions – so under the circumstances I am not unpleased with my time of 1h 44m. I ran in my MS Trust vest and called in on the MS Trust tent to grab a bourbon biscuit, while having a photo taken, which so far hasn’t as was threatened appeared on Facebook.

Next race is the London Parks Half Marathon in early October … lets how close I can get to my ‘PB’ of 1h 35m.


Edinburgh Marathon coming up ….

Let see if I can get under 3h 40m.

Edinburgh Marathon

Regents Park 10k

My first 10k of 2016 : A week after London Marathon and it felt good to run. Time (unofficially) 45m 54s.

Top 100 Finish !!

90th in my Category – and yes there were more than 90 in my category !

London Marathon – Finished !

3h 41m 39s – not bad under the circumstances as I am still not 100% recovered from a very persistent cough/cold type thing. I think it may be my fastest London Marathon (but not my fastest overall).

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me : Anyone else ?? Please ??



M-Day minus one

Do please sponsor me to raise much needed funds for the MS Trust on this my 21st Marathon & 8th consecutive London.

Click here

vest & running number

Getting ready for the London Marathon

Just a few more long runs before the big day on 24th April …..

MS Trust

Bath Half Marathon

Lovely day but a bit on the chilly side. Time of 1h 39.02 secs was OK but could have been better, but for shoe laces coming undone & for my Garmin watch display going doolally. The pace information was wrong and the time run disappeared totally so I ran it ‘blind’ and had to feel for the pace. In practice I could – and should – have run 10-20 seconds a mile faster.

As with last year I was put in the start pen right at the front of the field and so for the first mile or so was being overtaken at speed by the really fast runners.

I’ll put some video up when it becomes available.


Brighton Half Marathon Update

Well it seems that I came 7th in my Category (60+ Male) ….